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What’s your
web score?



Businesses should have the ability to…

Easily track their digital ads campaigns, See what’s making them money, Get data for ad campaigns in real-time from one location.

A digital ads management tool that allows you to:

  • Compare Google Ads and Facebook Ads side-by-side
  • See where ad campaigns are making your clients money
  • Spot trends behind campaigns, making you the expert in digital ads
  • Automated reporting
  • Supports multi-location
Constant Contacts

The ROI Calculator

Using Average Sale and Close Rate data collected from each unique user, a precise ROI can be calculated for your clients’ Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns.



Executive Report Integration

Empower your clients to view reporting for advertising, along with their other products, right in Business Center. Now you and your clients can see what’s happening across all digital marketing channels in one place.



Live ad reporting

Real time reporting for your clients’ Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns.



Google & Facebook Ads Manager Accounts

Connect your individual accounts via your Manager Account (former MCC) or through Facebook.




The whole Qmedia team has been incredibly responsive and helpful. I can’t speak more highly of this group for taking care of our website, communicating with clarity and honesty, and keeping our needs and interestes top priority.

Amie Gosselin

Marketing Director, 10 Thousand Windows

what’s your

web score?

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